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July 10, 2020

The current lockdown for Melbourne has obviously put our season
on hold until further notice. The earliest we could now
anticipate starting any form of competition is possibly early
October (after the September school holidays).

All going well, starting in early October means we could still
run a 7 round season plus 2 weeks of finals. Fingers crossed!

We will be in touch again once the ban on
Community competition sport is lifted.

Thanks & stay safe.

Renae Cadman

WSNTG Recorder

Season: Spring2020

  • Status: Grading

    *** Entry Form Submission for next season CLOSED
    and Grading has commenced ***
  • Mens competition commences: 04-Aug-20
  • Ladies competition commences: 05-Aug-20

  • The new season fixture will be available when Grading
    has completed
  • WSNTG Committee for 2019-2020

    Mathew Menzies - President, Dominic Blank - Vice President,
    Barb Kelly - Treasurer, Joanne Bennett - Secretary ,
    Brenda O'Toole - Match Committee Chair and Emergency Player approval,
    Renae Cadman - Recorder and Emergency Player approval,
    Russell Bates - Recorder and Emergency Player approval,
    Tony Courtney - Assistant Recorder, Karen Herman,
    Jill Towers - Draw Preparation, Chris Baker - Webmaster

    Contacts for Emergency Player Approval (EPA)
    and Online Score Card Issues (OSI):
    Brenda O'Toole EPA 0409 539 844
    Russell Bates EPA and Mens OSI 0419 141 935
    Renae Cadman EPA and Ladies OSI 0419 960 446

    - Emergency Player list, access from Logon page
    - Enter player names for Washouts and Forfeits to increment matches
    played count on Player Stats for finals qualification
    - Online Score Entry is now compulsory
    Select "Logon" on this page to first Register
    and then logon to add your match results for the current round.
    For help, see link to the Instructions pdf document on the Logon page.
    - Once scores have been added any opposition player can then
    also logon and Verify these results prior to the Sunday of the current round.

    If a score card is needed to temporarily record scores until they are added
    or verified online from home, download / print one from here (pdf)

    Download WSNTG Bylaws here (word)

    Webpage enqueries: